Creativity tools

Get plugged into this creative energy!

The Schussler Creative Institute is a creative think-tank where your ideas can come to life. The team has created products and team experiences to get you taking creative risks, as well as creative ideas that get you or your business noticed! No one creates in a vacuum. Come create with us at an event or speech– take home our ideas and get going.

It’s a Jungle in There Book – $19.95/shipping + tax included

  • Learn tips and ideas to fire up your creative genius.
  • Read fun stories of entrepreneurial perseverance and the power of philanthropy.
  • Understand the start-up mindset and how to run with it.
  • Receive an invitation to an upcoming autograph party.
  • Support A Smile. 100% of author’s profits will be donated from all book sales to benefit SMILE NETWORK INTERNATIONAL.

Creative Lab Access – $90

  • Includes a copy of Steven Schussler’s book, It’s a Jungle in There, as well as all of the components listed under the previous bullet points.
  • Three months of member-only access to the online creative lab.
  • Exclusive access to podcast downloads featuring Steven Schussler himself!
  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding business advice, job search strategies, entrepreneurship and MORE!
  • The opportunity to submit your very own questions and receive answers directly from Steven and his team at the Schussler Creative Institute. You won’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else!

Creativity in a CRATE! – $179

A zany box of creative tools to help you bring your ideas to life.  Includes:

  • Includes a copy of Steven Schussler’s book, It’s a Jungle in There.
  • One month of member-only access to the online creative lab, which further includes all bullet points listed under the “Creative Lab Access” headline above.
  • An interactive workbook to serve as an outlet to help you take your energy and inspiration after reading Steven’s book and channel it into a plan to take action!
  • A 500 note cube.
  • Five colored markers in our favorite colors (and hopefully yours, too!).
  • Step-by-step audio and DVD’s to guide you along your own individual path to creative success!
  • And lastly, a certification of completion to celebrate your unique journey in the creative process and the beginning stages of the implementation of your future plans!